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I’m Scott and I have arthritis. I’m getting closer to being a senior citizen now and arthritis has just started to affect me. Previous to even last year I had no pain at all. It seemed to come on suddenly.

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My grandmother used to complain that her joints were stiff and hurt. I had no reference point and really didn’t understand what she was experiencing.

Perhaps this is my punishment for not having much sympathy because I’m feeling some of what she experienced. I don’t like it.

Rather than just endure the pain I’m on a quest to solve the problem for me, and for others. That’s why I created this site. I could have simply tested each and every method, found what worked for me, and kept it to myself, or just keep my discoveries in the family. It would take me a long time to test everything out there that promises to fix arthritis pain if I could ever get through them all.

Instead, I created this site hoping that those that try methods I write about or promote through my affiliate links (to help fund this site) will let me know what works for them, thus hopefully short-cutting the journey to a pain-free life.

They say there is no cure (yet) for arthritis. I refuse to lie down and just accept that. I’m not medically trained. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a scientific researcher. What I am is a person with pain looking for a fix.

When I was a child a good friend of my father’s contracted rheumatoid arthritis. It was a badly crippling disease and I’m told he was in a large amount of pain. One day he died in an auto accident when his van hit a tree at high speed. My father was always convinced he couldn’t take the pain any longer and took his own life. We will probably never know.

I really hope someday that the medical community will come up with a surefire cure, but until then I’m still going to be looking for what gives me the most relief for the least cost and hassle.

If you try any of the methods I write about or link to as an affiliate, and you find one that works for you, I would love to hear your story. I would like to know what you used, how long you used it, and what the results were. Most of all, will you continue with that method or will still be seeking a better one?

Together, perhaps we can enjoy a mostly pain-free life.

– Scott Birmingham

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