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Arthritis Pain Relief Products

These products promise to relieve some or all of your arthritis pain. Most have trial offers so you can find the one/s that works best for you. Not everyone is the same and will respond differently. Our suggestion is to try a product that seems best suited for you, then give it a good trial. If it works for you that’s ideal. If not, you can try others in turn and find what you like best.

MindBody Matrix

Joint Pain Relief

Ivy League Research Team Shocked As
“Space Age Pain Treatment”
Wipes Out Muscle, Nerve, And Joint Discomfort
In Less Than 30 Seconds



An Easy 3-Minute Stretch Reduces Knee & Back Discomfort. Created and Demonstrated by Former NBA Player Jonathan Bender.
Jonathan Bender is a former NBA player who was forced to retire from the Indiana Pacers due to a chronic knee condition in 2006. Soon after, Jonathan partnered with Purdue University to create unique solutions for joint discomfort. In 2009 after being out for 4 years…Jonathan used his own techniques to heal his knees and returned to play for the New York Knicks completely free of any knee discomfort. Free Video