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A Common Arthritis Treatment Makes Your Disease Worse! – Health Thoroughfare

  ​Corticosteroid injections, a typical method of relieving the pain of knee osteoarthritis, have been linked in two new studies to a hastening of ...  Corticosteroid injections, a typical method of…

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Common Arthritis Treatment May Actually Accelerate Disease Progression – SciTechDaily

  ​Steroid Injections Worsen Knee Arthritis. Knee joint of a patient showing (A) severe cartilage defects and (B) intact knee joint.  Steroid Injections Worsen Knee Arthritis. Knee joint of a…

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Why is Arthritis so common?

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases in the world, affecting over 50 million people. What's behind its explosive popularity? And what are the factors that make it so…

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